The Best Friends you will make at Booth

By Gila Tolub

Always on strike despite the 6 weeks of vacation, 35-hour workweek, and retirement at 62…

Yup, you know who I am talking about. The lazy French that smoke and never shower. The pessimistic French, very judgmental, narrow minded and arrogant!

Well I am here to argue that despite it all, the French people are the best friends you can wish for.

To start with, we’re not politically correct and we have no problem admitting it. And that is so much fun!! We can say what we think, make fun of people, without ever feeling the least bit embarrassed.
We are loyal friends – always there when needed… or when there’s food.
And we give awesome presents!
When’s the last time the US got a present as big as the 302-foot Statue of Liberty? And who brought to you the Baguette, the smelly cheese, the two-hour lunch break and the French Kiss, huh?

That’s why you want to join the French MBA Club at Chicago Booth! The student group organizes social events to connect French and Francophiles (dinners, movie nights, wine & cheese…) and promotes the Booth brand in French-speaking countries. We organize events for prospective students and are the points of contact for DSAC when it comes to French speaking candidates. Members of our group come from every corner of the globe. They join the group to practice the language of love, to make new fun and fearless friends and to become a part of the tight French community.

Booth students also join our group to become part of one of the hottest groups at Booth. Because guys, let’s face it! French men are irresistible and I have proof!

When’s the last time a girl was very “entrepreneurial” with you? No, we’re not talking about that wink at the bar from that scary lady in her forties. We’re talking REALLY entrepreneurial!! Yeh… thought so.

Well French men get it ALL THE TIME. The first thing an American girl will say, after a guy casually mentions he speaks French, is: “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?” Now that, my friends, is what we call irresistible!
By joining the French MBA club, you also know you will get to hang out with very pretty and classy looking French women. Their soft brown eyes, beautiful high cheekbones, and the curve at the corners of their shy smile that seem to want you and pity you at the same, will drive you crazy.
You may accuse me of using too many clichés… and you’d be right. But what can I do if all the clichés are so true?

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