You may be just looking at schools, you may be applying, or you may be deciding whether or not to attend Chicago Booth. Whatever your status, this website should help you on your way. We have a number of resources that will get more familiar with Chicago Booth.

We’re here to help so please contact us; we can put you in touch with people who were in your shoes not long ago !!

The University of Chicago has tons of resources to help students :

  • Worried about life in chicago ? Learn everything there is to know (and more) at Experience Chicago !
  • Worried about the immigration process ? The Office of International Affairs is here to help !
  • Worried about what your partner will do while you study ? Get in touch with the Partners Club !
  • Worried about…? We have all the answers to calm you down and convince you that Chicago Booth is the best school in the galaxy… so contact us !!